It's a club.

And it's members are kindness ninjas. 

At the start of every month, the captain of Card Bombers Anonymous (CBA) emails it's members (aka kindness ninjas) the name and postal address of the lucky card bombing recipient. All the members of the club then send anonymously a card, letter, picture, quote, kind word or postcard to the nominated card bomb recipient.  

This is done in the hope that the recipient is inundated with love and kindness for a whole month by complete strangers.

It could be 5 cards. It could be 20. I hope it could be hundreds. 

Picture someone receiving a love bomb… being blown away by love and kindness. 

 Please join up and tell your friends and family about it too. This is for young and old. This is a feel good story. This is something positive and easy. 

#kindnessninjas #cba

Love love love

xxx Tanya